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How to handle BusCreator programatically

Asked by Matthias on 24 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Matthias on 29 Jul 2019
I have quite a simple question: the BusCreator has a block parameter "Require input signal names to match signals above". How can I access this setting via get_param?
Thanks a lot!


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Answer by Archit Dhanani on 26 Jul 2019

Unfortunately, there is no get_param API for this parameter.
(As of R2019a ) the documentation says Note: The Require input signal names to match signals above parameter might be removed in a future release. To enforce strong data typing, consider using the Override bus signal names from inputs parameter.

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Thank you!
I know this setting; but unfortunatelly it seems that this setting does not influence the setting above :-(.
In my case I have a BusCreator with the setting "Require..." set to on with some signals on this block. When I change the signal names on the incoming lines the BusCreator does not recognize the new names even if I switch on "Override bus signal..."...?

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