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Inter runnable variables not imported for init runnable

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Jeevan Kumar Guntammagari
Jeevan Kumar Guntammagari am 22 Jul. 2019
I have a software component with 2 runnables 1)Init runnable 2)Periodic 10ms runnable. There are few Inter runnable variables configured and ReadWrite access is provided to both runnables, But still i see warning as mentioned below.
Warning: Inter-runnable variable (IRV) 'CddComponent/CddComponent_MainFunction_10ms_sys' in runnable
'IRV_InternalStatus' not imported into Simulink model. Simulink supports IRVs that communicate data between
runnables, but this IRV is read and written by only one runnable. Either delete this IRV from the arxml file or use a different
approach for data that is accessed by only one runnable, such as arTypedPerInstanceMemory.
Question: 1)Why is this warning still seen even after i provide ReadWrite access to both "InitRunnable" and "Periodic10msRunnable" ?
2)If i try to create IRVs for Init Runnable in Simulink Model, it throws a build error that IRVs cannot be defined for Init Runnable or function. But my design requires to access IRVs in Init Runnable.

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Sudhakar Shinde
Sudhakar Shinde am 8 Feb. 2021
This is limitation. However you already noted you can use PIM (Per-instance-memory) for this purpose instead of IRV.
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Noufal Thangal Rahim
Noufal Thangal Rahim am 25 Mai 2023
PIM becomes Data Store memory block in Simulink.
And throws warnings such as "Read before Write".
If you are ok with these warning, PIM is the solution.

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