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How to simulate simbiology model using array of doses?

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How to simulate simbiology model using array of doses? The model contains the doses. The doses information is in the file.I am trying to implement using "createDoses"
dose_sc=getdose(m1ExportedModel); % m1ExportedModel is a model object
gd = groupedData(t);
doses= createDoses(gd,{'dose1', 'dose2'},'',[dose_sc, dose_IV]); % dose1 and dose2 are the column in data file
I am getting the following error
Error using groupedData/createDoses (line 125)
DOSEINFOVECTOR must be a vector containing only SimBiology.RepeatDose
and SimBiology.ScheduleDose objects.
Am I missing something or should I implement it diiferently?

Accepted Answer

Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard on 11 Jul 2019
In your code, dose_sc and dose_iv contain both all doses in your model.
You should specify the name of a SC or IV dose that is already contained in your model. The purpose of passing dose_sc and dose_iv to createDoses is mainly to specifiy the target name. So an alternative could be to create dose templates:
dose_iv = sbiodose('IV','TargetName','your_iv_target_species');
dose_SC = sbiodose('SC','TargetName','your_sc_target_species');

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