How to install GUIDE to App Designer migration tool?

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Alon Rozen
Alon Rozen am 7 Jul. 2019
Beantwortet: Robert Philbrick am 10 Jul. 2019
I have a comuter which is not connected to the internet. It runs Matlab 2019a (with license).
I want to install on it the GUIDE to App Designer migration tool. The only way I find is to do it while the computer is connected to the net...
Is there a way to download the application and install it?

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Robert Philbrick
Robert Philbrick am 10 Jul. 2019
You can install the support package by doing the following:
  1. Follow only the download instructions from here:
  2. After downloading the files and transfering them to the computer without internet access, follow the instructions in the downloaded "readme.txt" file to peform the installation.
If you need additional help, consider contacting Install and Licensing Support to get help installing the support package offline. You can send them an email at or create a help ticket at

Chris Portal
Chris Portal am 8 Jul. 2019
You would need to download it from here:
Then copy the downloaded .mlpkginstall file to your disconnected computer, go to MATLAB, and double click on the file via the Current Working Directory. This should install the migration tool for you.
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Alon Rozen
Alon Rozen am 8 Jul. 2019
Thanks Chris,
I tried that but it didn't work.
I got a message that 'my internet is not connected'.
It seems as if this file is only to start dawnload the right application.
So back to sqare one...

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