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Performing infusion experiment in Simbiology desktop

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I need to set up a infusion experiment in Simbiology model using simbiology desktop. I want to perform the infusion experiment for specified time. I do find two dosing options- scheduled dose and repeated dose but there is no utilility for infusion experimet.

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard on 3 Jul 2019
Hi Rajeev,
whether you choose a repeated dose or a scheduled dose has rather to do with the schedule of your drug regimen. Both support bolus and infusion dosing.
For an infusion, you will need to specify an infusion rate. Please refer to this page of SimBiology's documentation: Doses
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Rajeev Kumar
Rajeev Kumar on 4 Jul 2019
Thanks Jeremy. This resolves my questions. The page of documentation is very relevant for me.

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