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How to set different intervals using linspace()?

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Notname Notname
Notname Notname on 1 Jul 2019
Answered: Aquatris on 1 Jul 2019
I want to use intervals with different range for example:
1<=x<=100 would be linspace(1,100)
but can i use linspace without including first (or last) value:
1<x<=100 ?

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Torsten on 1 Jul 2019
x = linspace(1,100);
x = x(2:end) % x = x(1:end-1)

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Accepted Answer

Aquatris on 1 Jul 2019
If you want to remove a certain element;
x = linspace(1,100,1e3); % 1000 elements
i = 100; % index to be removed
x(i) = []; % remove ith element
which will remove the i th element from the array.


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