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How to Connect Simscape circuit resistor with PV Array Block ?

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I just want to connect a simple resistor to a PV array, but because they belong to diffferent libraries i cannot do that. I managed to connect the desired componenets through an interface element. However, i get an error while running
The model file is also attached. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Jonas am 24 Jun. 2019
You should add a Solver Configuration and Electrical Reference block in the Sim Electrical domain.
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Pratyush Das
Pratyush Das am 28 Jun. 2019
The solver configuration and reference worked thanks.
Jonas am 1 Jul. 2019
Please mark the answer as Accepted. Thanks!

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Sankarshan Durgaprasad
Sankarshan Durgaprasad am 14 Okt. 2019
Could somone please tell me which block this is?
Thank you
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Alexander Merry
Alexander Merry am 22 Apr. 2022
You probably no longer require this, but it is called the 'Voltage current simscape interface'

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