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Switch between VR Text Output blocks for VR Sink in Simulink

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Andrew Poissant
Andrew Poissant am 21 Jun. 2019
I have two VR Text Output blocks that need to update text in my 3D world. I want to be able to switch between each VR Text Output block depending on if an input signal (a trigger) is equal to 0 or 1. I have tried something similar using a Manual Variant Sink block, but I do not want to manually choose which VR Text Output to execute, I want it done automatically if an input signal is 0 vs 1. How would I do this? I have attached an image of my current setup with the Manual Variant Sink block. It takes in an input signal with a vector of values to update the VR Text Output blocks, and sends the input signal to both VR Text Output blocks. Then the Manual Variant Sink block determines which block to execute.
Annotation 2019-06-21 120908.png

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