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I need to remove artifacts (dust or other debris) from other images taken by the same microscope.

Asked by Brae Petersen on 5 Jun 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Raghunandan V on 7 Jun 2019
I am collecting images from our microscope to attempt to train a cnn to recognize how out of focus the microscope is (this is the article if you are interested, However, there are artifacts on our images as you can see below because of imperfections on the camera and possibly internal microscope lenses. Below is first, a picture taken without anything on microscope and second is a picture of the cells we are working with. Is there any method I could try with matlab to attempt to remove these background artifacts? We are having trouble training the network with our current data (we have done it before with another microscope/camera set that worked quite well) and we think this is the problem. Thanks in advance for any advice!
Without Cells:
With Cells:


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Answer by Raghunandan V on 6 Jun 2019

This is an interesting question. Can you try using edge detection filters and then send it through CNN?.


Thanks for the response! Do you mean using edge detection on the image without cells to create a mask of sorts where the debris are?
Yes, I see that debris edges are much thicker than that of cells. If you can set the threshold to find the debris then you can eliminate it by passing through a low pass filter.

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