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ODE45 to solve for velocity & plot velocities v frequencies?

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onamaewa on 31 May 2019
Answered: Steven Lord on 31 May 2019
FREQ = 0:1000;
m1 = 12; m2 = 24;
K1 = 6000; K2 = 3450;
R1 = 40; R2 = 28;
P = 1 * (1i * 2 * pi * FREQ);
My state variable equations are:
I want to use ODE45 to solve the system of equations.
& plot the velocity x(dot)1 {should result in 1000 values for x(dot)1} vs FREQ.
How can I do this?

Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 31 May 2019
See the "Systems of ODEs" section on this documentation page for how to write your ODE function. Then use that in a call to ode45. You should be able to adapt the "Solve Nonstiff Equation" example on the documentation page for ode45 (which you can open using the command doc ode45) for your problem.

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