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Can I add units to the table?

Asked by Diego Guarachi on 17 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Raj
on 17 May 2019
Can I add units to the variables in the table? I have searched for information and I could not find anything, it can only be done in numbers ...please help


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2 Answers

Answer by KSSV
on 17 May 2019

It is not allowed...may be you can use something like this:
varNames = {'Name', 'Age_in_Years'} ;
varTypes = {'string','double'};
s = {'Tom' ; 'Dick' ; 'Hary'} ;
a = [20 ;21; 24] ;
T = table(s,a) ;
T.Properties.VariableNames = varNames


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Answer by Raj
on 17 May 2019

"Can I add units to the variables in the table?" Yes you can. You can specify units for each variable in the table by modifying the table property,
% |VariableUnits|.
Specify the variable units as a cell array of character vectors.
Something like this:
table (W,T,Pe,P)
T.Properties.VariableUnits = {'Rad/S','NM','N','N'}; % what I could make out from your picture. Please correct if wrong.
Or Do you want the units to get displayed on your table? Please be clear.


END=[Qt Ht Hbt Wt Tt Pet Pt Nt NPSHdt];
T = array2table(END,'VariableNames',names);
T.Properties.VariableUnits = {'m3/s','m','m','rad/s','N*m','W','W','%','m'};
Should I implement it like that? It did not work..
That's what i asked. The units have got defined. They don't get displayed by default here. If you open the table in workspace, the first row will have a drop down option where you will be able to see the units for each variable as you have defined. Or try using
You'll be able to see the defined units.

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