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How to represent axis values are multiple of thousand

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Mekala balaji
Mekala balaji am 10 Mai 2019
Kommentiert: Adam Danz am 14 Mai 2019
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I have below code, and want to represent x-axis & y-axis values are multiple of 1000.
I want to display x-axis in multiple of thousand (x10^3) as shown above, and y-axis as x10^2
hold on
% scatter(x,y,'X')
% line(x,y)
% plot(x,y,'-o')
'MarkerFaceColor',[1 .6 .6])
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Mekala balaji
Mekala balaji am 10 Mai 2019
Not displaying on y-axis (x10^2).
Adam Danz
Adam Danz am 14 Mai 2019
See solution below.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz am 10 Mai 2019
Bearbeitet: Adam Danz am 13 Mai 2019
To apply exponential notation to the y axis,
ax = gca
ax.YAxis.Exponent = 2;
Here is a Demo.


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