Matrix Maipulation and adding from variables in the workspace

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I am saving a file(penmax), which has n no. of variables. In each variable, the size is always 1*5 (1 row, 5 cols.); the names of variables are liuke pick1, pick2,pick3...but the the no of variables inside the penmax file changes each time i run the script.
What I want to do is, to save all the variables inside of the penmax file into an m*5 matrix(newmatrix). I cannot use [] to concatenate each variable with the other one as I am not sure for how many variables penmax may have in total; but I am sure for each of the variables will have 1 row and 5 cols. Please edify me for how can I put all the variables of penmax into an n*5 matrix(newmatrix).
The file format is penmax.mat
arun Dhillon
arun Dhillon on 13 May 2019
You are right,
The code is not designed very well, and I am trying to rectify the structure; but thanks a lot for your advise.

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Answers (1)

Stephen23 on 10 May 2019
Load the file into a variable (which is a structure) and access its fieldnames:
S = load(...)

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