Want to apply two different functions on different elements of a vector.

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How can we operate two seperate functions on elements of a row vector: one function should be operated on even position elements and other function should be operated on odd position elements by using array function or by any other means.
Finally the outcomes of those operations should be combined as a another row vector
Vinay Killamsetty
Vinay Killamsetty on 9 May 2019
odd=@(w) a*w+b*w^2
even=@(w) a*w^2+b*w
curr_w=[some user defined 1*n vector];
I want to perform even function on even position elements in curr_w and odd function on odd position elements to get the output vector curr_w.
If you need any additional information please let me know

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Accepted Answer

Alex Mcaulley
Alex Mcaulley on 9 May 2019
Edited: Alex Mcaulley on 9 May 2019
a = 1;
b = 5;
odd = @(w) a*w+b*w^2;
even = @(w) a*w^2+b*w;
curr_w = rand(1,5);
aa = arrayfun(odd,curr_w(1:2:numel(curr_w)));
bb = arrayfun(even,curr_w(2:2:numel(curr_w)));
res(1:2:numel(curr_w)) = aa;
res(2:2:numel(curr_w)) = bb;

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