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why my deeplearning toolbox can not work

Asked by Shaonong on 6 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Shaonong on 6 May 2019
My Matlab R2018b have Deeplearning Toolbox ,and I can see it using 'ver'.But when I use 'alexnet' Matlab says error.
I searched the 'alexnet.m' file is in my MATLAB\toolbox\nnet\cnn. But it also can not work.


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Answer by Stephan
on 6 May 2019
 Accepted Answer

you have to install the pretrained Networks seperatly. Use the Add on Manager.

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ohhhhhhh,I did it.thanks soooo much. Although I don't know how to show my super-thank in English,but in Chinese it is 小哥哥超级感谢你哒,感谢你解救我于水火之中,

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