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Error Bars on horizontal bar chart

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Nshine am 6 Mai 2019
Kommentiert: Adam Danz am 22 Apr. 2022
I am trying to produce a horizontal bar chart with error bard, but the error bars minimum value seem completely wrong. Also, the positions of the vertical 'ends' of each error bar appear to be in the wrong position. What am I doing wrong?
Here is the code that produced this chart below:
% data
min = [1e-4 1e-3 1e-2 1e-1 1e1];
mean = [1e-3 1e-2 1e-1 1e1 1e2];
max = [1e-2 1e-1 1e1 1e2 1e3];
cats = categorical({'a','b','c','d','e'});
% plot horizontal bars
figure; hold on;
p = barh(cats,mean,...
baseline = p.BaseLine;
% change xscale to 'log'
ax = gca;
ax.XScale = 'log';
baseline.LineWidth = 1.5;
% add y tick labels
ax.YTickLabel = {'cat a','cat b','cat c','cat d','cat e'};
% plot error bars
er = errorbar(mean,cats,min,max,'.','horizontal');
er.LineWidth = 1.5;
er.Color = 'k';
er.MarkerSize = 1;
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Glaucia Fragoso
Glaucia Fragoso am 22 Apr. 2022
I don't know how you did this... when I try I get an error "X-data must be the same size as Y-data"
Adam Danz
Adam Danz am 22 Apr. 2022
The error message tells you what's wrong. Your x-data must be the same size as your y-data.
x = 1:5;
y = 1:6;
e = 1:6;
Error using errorbar
X-data must be the same size as Y-data.

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dpb am 6 Mai 2019
Bearbeitet: dpb am 6 Mai 2019
"errorbar(x,y,neg,pos) draws a vertical error bar at each data point, where neg determines the length below the data point and posdetermines the length above the data point, respectively."
Looks like it did exactly what you askied it to added the min,max values to the mean value and drew the errorbars at those computed limits. It appears instead you intended
er = errorbar(mean,cats,mean-min,mean+max,'.','horizontal');
BTW, do NOT use mean, max, min as variable names; they are the builtin functions of the same meaning; aliasing them will undoubtedly wreak havoc later on when you expect them to function normally. Use some identifier to differentiate like xmean, xmax, xmin or the like instead.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz am 6 Mai 2019
+1 for warning about variable names.
Nshine am 7 Mai 2019
thanks dpb!

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