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How can I view the automatically generated initial population from GA in Global Optimization Toolbox?

Asked by Maurice Boueri on 12 Jan 2011
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on 30 Jan 2014
I am using the GA function in the Optimization Toolbox, and I'm trying to figure out how I can see the initial population that MATLAB created for me. Any tips on that?


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Answer by Prabhakar on 18 Jan 2011
 Accepted Answer

To see the intial population, one can specify/set the 'OutputFcns' property from the option used by GA. The function set by 'OutputFcns' gets called every itteration. First write a function MATLAB file called my_view containing
function [state, options,optchanged] = my_view(options,state,flag,interval)
optchanged = false;
Now set the 'OutputFcns' property to this function via
options = gaoptimset('OutputFcns',@my_view);
Finally call the GA function with this specified option
x = ga(fitnessfcn,nvars,options)


i am using GA for feture selection,i need to specify my features in initial population.features are in double vectore format.can u tell me how to specify those values in initial population? i need format,i am using matlab12b optimization toolbox
saranya thangavel,
I might not have understood what you mean, but if you need to pass your initial population instead of having GA produce it for you using a creation function, this can be done with the Initial population option. From the help:
Initial population (InitialPopulation) specifies an initial population for the genetic algorithm. The default value is [], in which case ga uses the default Creation function to create an initial population. If you enter a nonempty array in the Initial population field, the array must have no more than Population size rows, and exactly Number of variables columns. In this case, the genetic algorithm calls a Creation function to generate the remaining individuals, if required.
Then use something like
options = gaoptimset('InitialPopulation', Your_population)
and call GA with this options structure.
You can also write your own creation function.

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