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Calculating pixel difference between different lenses of a camera

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HEllo eveyone
I am using a camera with 3 lenses (please see the attached image). On the extreme left of the camera, there is an rgb lens(capture rgb images) and on the right of the rgb lens, there are two stereo lenses(computes 3d characterstics of the images). I am using image processing to detect certain objects in the rgb image and then i am using stereo lenses to get the z distance to those objects. The rgb and stereo image both are captured with a resolution of 1280*720. My question is how do I compensate for the distance between any image taken by stereo camera and rgb camera or in other words lets say I have an object, that has its origin at 515,515 of rgb,, the question is how do i find where is the origin of that same object in the stereo image?
Please see the attached rgb and stereo image samples
I have placed a white sheet of paper in the middle of both the images.
With respect to the rgb, the white sheet has corners on the following coordinates.
Upper left 760,100;; Upper right 1142,90
Lower left 760,461;; Lower right 1125,462
With respect to the stereo, the white sheet has corners on following coordinates .
Upper left 643,180;; Upper right 934,178
Lower left 642,435;; Lower right 920,430.
Please help me for how do I compensate for the distance between any image taken by stereo camera and rgb camera.
Arun Dhillond435i.png

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darova on 3 May 2019
Read about cpselect() and fitgeotrans()
Ask if needed

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