predict blockometry of rocks after blasting

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karim mounpain
karim mounpain am 26 Apr. 2019
Bearbeitet: karim mounpain am 12 Mai 2019
I have a problem, I want to use the neural networks in the prediction of the fragmented block percentage after blasting and I can not really do it, all I see is the prediction of a times series
so I have 5 input parameters and one output which is fragmented block size.
what I understood about the process is that I have trained the network with known inputs and outputs and then enter the parameters that I want to predict but I do not know how to do,
I need a little program if possible.
I need your help please

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Johanna Pingel
Johanna Pingel am 29 Apr. 2019
This sort of reminds me of the wine classification example:
This example trains a network to classify wines into three categories based on input values.
This might be good enough to get started, and then you can switch the network to a regression network:

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karim mounpain
karim mounpain am 12 Mai 2019
Bearbeitet: karim mounpain am 12 Mai 2019
Good morning, i have again problem, i wrote a program for the prediction of the blocks and it does not seem To work, i joined the data of my problem , i want a small program please


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