thingspeak read --> stock in a variable --> use this variable in thingspeakwrite ? possible ?

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First of all, sorry for my english, im a french student and my english is far from being perfect.
Im trying to transmit location data from an ARDUINO ESP8266 device that has wifi.
I stock the lat ant longitude data in field 3 and field 4 after transmetting them.
Now, I would like to use matlab to read those data, stocking them into 2 variables, then use thigspeakwrite, to write those variables into location data.
I did this code below, it says that is it ok, but the latitude and longitude fields dont change.
% Template MATLAB code for reading data from a private channel, analyzing
% the data and storing the analyzed data in another channel.
% Prior to running this MATLAB code template, assign the channel ID to read
% data from to the 'readChannelID' variable. Since this is a private
% channel, also assign the read API Key to the 'readAPIKey' variable. You
% can find the read API Key in the right side pane of this page.
% To store the analyzed data, you will need to write it to a channel other
% than the one you are reading data from. Assign this channel ID to the
% 'writeChannelID' variable. Also assign the write API Key to the
% 'writeAPIKey' variable below. You can find the write API Key in the right
% side pane of this page.
% TODO - Replace the [] with channel ID to read data from:
readChannelID = [123456];
% TODO - Enter the Read API Key between the '' below:
readAPIKey = 'AAABBB';
% TODO - Replace the [] with channel ID to write data to:
writeChannelID = [123456];
% TODO - Enter the Write API Key between the '' below:
writeAPIKey = 'XXXYYY';
%% Read Data %%
a= thingSpeakRead(readChannelID,'Fields',[3],'ReadKey', readAPIKey);
b= thingSpeakRead(readChannelID,'Fields',[4],'ReadKey', readAPIKey);
%% Analyze Data %%
% Add code in this section to analyze data and store the result in the
% analyzedData variable.
%analyzedData = data;
%% Write Data %%

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Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 10 May 2019
I would try this using the MATLAB Analytics app. The MATLAB Analytics app can be scheduled to run periodically. Also, on the lines that set "a" and "b" - you can just try adding some test data and see if the test data writes to your ThingSpeak channel. Are you using decimal degrees (ie. 47.12345)?


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