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inline function error help(tanh)

Asked by Nathan latchman on 20 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Nathan latchman on 20 Apr 2019
can anyone help with writing an inline function using tanh, e.g:
fx = inline('((2.*pi^2)./t)-((g*2*pi)./x).*tanh((2*pi*h)./x)');


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1 Answer

Answer by David Wilson on 20 Apr 2019

I can, but perhaps you should use anonymous functions. The inline approach is now discouraged.
Instead of what you wrote above, try:
fx2 = @(g,h,t,x) ((2.*pi^2)./t)-((g*2*pi)./x).*tanh((2*pi*h)./x)
g= 1;h=2;t=3;
x = linspace(0,5)';
plot(x, fx2(g,h,t,x))
However going by your chouce of variable names, I'm assuming that g,h, & t are constants, and that x is the variable. In that case try:
g= 1;h=2;t=3; % fold constants in the definition
fx3 = @(x) ((2.*pi^2)./t)-((g*2*pi)./x).*tanh((2*pi*h)./x)
x = linspace(0,5)';
plot(x, fx3(x))
Is this what you want? Of course f(x=0) returns -inf (for my values of h etc).

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thank you David. h and are constants here but i was just using those two to get the program to run i will have to change them to varibles. later on.
I'm trying to make a program to solve false position for that function

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