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I appreciate if anyone could help me with this problem

Asked by Abdelmalek Benaimeur on 19 Apr 2019
Latest activity Edited by Abdelmalek Benaimeur on 19 Apr 2019
I have a list of students , every student has a grade (numeric value)
how can i order the list of those students according to their marks ,
so that the first one in the list is the one who has the highest grade
for example (let's assume that the grades are between 0 and 20)
Alex: 19
Morgan: 12
Erik: 15
the list should be lik that
Alex Kelsie Erik Montana Morgan


Problem statement is pretty straightforward. What exactly is the issue here? Can you share what you have tried so far on this?
when it comes to order numeric values it's nor a problem but
ordering names is where i found the problem
so if it is really straightforward, please show me how

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2 Answers

Answer by Raj
on 19 Apr 2019
Edited by Raj
on 19 Apr 2019
 Accepted Answer

Name = {'Alex';'Morgan';'Erik';'Montana';'Molko';'Kelsie'};
Marks = [19;12;15;13;10;16];
% Create a table
InputTable = table(Name, Marks)
% Sort rows of the table
SortedTable = sortrows(InputTable, 2)
As I said, It's straighforward. Hope this helps!


Providing complete solution for a homework problem is not recommended.
Sorry! Will take care.
well sir I don't know if you will believe me or not but when i read your answer
you gave me a hint so i took my laptop and i started trying to find the solution
i know that you know the solution but you wanted me to try first
and you have all my respect,
anyway thank you both

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Answer by madhan ravi
on 19 Apr 2019

Hint: Use sort().


could you please give me the command i should use because i know how to order numeric values only with this function
Just use a cell array to contain each name and corresponding grades in each row of the cell array . Sort the grades which is in the second column. Assign the second output of sort as the row subscript for the cell array thereby sorting your cell array according to the given homework. If you are still not able to figure out, post the code that you tried to get further help.

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