Why can I not plot in app designer?

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Lala0099 am 13 Apr. 2019
Beantwortet: Chris Portal am 14 Apr. 2019
Hey everyone. I am trying to import three numbers into an array called A, and just simply plot them in app designer. But the graph I have does not show up anything... it just does not plot... I genuinely don`t understand why...
% Button pushed function: StartanalysisButton
function StartanalysisButtonPushed(app, event)
A = importdata('jerk_metric.txt');
app.UIAxes.YLim = [-1 1];
app.UIAxes.XLim = [-1 1];
plot(app.UIAxes, A);
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Lala0099 am 13 Apr. 2019
I have 6 .m files all connected and the variables stored in A are the result of a function. So i tried saving it in differemt files tyoes (txt, xls) but could not use it in gui or app designer

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Chris Portal
Chris Portal am 14 Apr. 2019
The data doesn’t fit within your limits. By only specifying the A vector you mentioned, you are only specifying the Y axes values to PLOT. This means PLOT uses [1 2 3 ...] as your X axes values, which puts your data outside the limits you specified.

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