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extractFileText returns <missing>

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Devon Goldberg
Devon Goldberg am 12 Apr. 2019
Beantwortet: Jon Cherrie am 23 Mär. 2021
str = extractFileText('C:\Documents\SomeFile.pdf')
str =
The PDF file I am trying to extract text from is a test data file, so it is mostly numbers. However, a function I found on FileExchange was able to parse most of the PDF but limited the amount of characters I could bring in. The function works just fine for a PDF file of a novel that I had handy. Is there a way to make extractFileText work for my file or will it be limited to only certain PDF files.

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Jon Cherrie
Jon Cherrie am 23 Mär. 2021
The extractFileText function has been significantly rewritten for R2021a and may give different results for some PDF files. I recommend trying again with the latest version. If you are still seeing issues, please contact technical support.

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