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Error in App Designer with Slider: 'Index Exceeds Array Bounds'

Asked by Emma Peek on 12 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Emma Peek on 12 Apr 2019
Hi- I have been trying to create an app that will plot one column of a table I have loaded in App Designer using a slider. Each x value corresponds to a cell, and each y value corresponds to a characteristic about that cell. I am hoping to use the slider to specify individual cells to plot one at a time. However, every time I try to plot it using the slider, I get the same error: Index Exceeds Array Bounds. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.


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1 Answer

Answer by TADA
on 12 Apr 2019
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without the full code it's hard to say, and in general uploading screenshots of your code is not very helpful.
Still, the problem is most likely because you're trying to index that array (what ever it is) with a character:
x = 1:10;
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
to understand the root of this error, you need to understand indexing and type conversions
what you did is to index the array with the character 4 which is converted to a number before indexing:
i = double('4')
i =
I guess that the array you are trying to index has less than 52 items, and thats were the error comes from

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Thank you for your help - that makes sense. Sorry about the screenshots.

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