how can i measure the longest point of my lightning image?

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Neptune16 on 8 Apr 2019
Commented: Neptune16 on 29 Apr 2019
Matt J
Matt J on 8 Apr 2019
The straight line distance from red to orange, or the distance when walking along the lightning fork? If the latter, there are several implementations of Dijkstra's algorithm on the file exchange

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Apr 2019
One way to find the longest spine might be to compute the skeleton and endpoints with bwmorph(). Then compute distance between all identified endpoints with bwdistgeodesic(). See Steve's Image Processing blog
Then find out which pair of endpoints had the longest distance.
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Neptune16 on 29 Apr 2019
hello and good day, sir @imageanalyst. I have posted a new question 5 days ago. I would like to ask you a favour to help me with it. kindly please see the latest question I've asked in my profile. thank you for your time and consederation.

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darova on 8 Apr 2019
Draw black (0,0,0) line you want to calculate the length
See attached script

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