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Is default color bar min/max determined by displayed portion of the plot or all of it?

Asked by Neil
on 7 Aug 2012
I use a color bar with 3-D data, so each point (X,Y) on the plot has a color determining its value. I changed the X axis min or max, decreasing the axis range, and saw that the color bar min/max did not change and the image color also remained the same.
This was surprising since the excluded region contained hot spot which were now removed from the plot.
Is there a way to refresh the color bar min/max (i.e. CLim values), after changing axes ranges so that it only refers to the portion of the plot being displayed?
Thanks, Neil


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1 Answer

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 7 Aug 2012

You could use addlistener to add a listener to the axes' 'xlim' and 'ylim' properties. Then when they change the listener fires a callback to update the colorbar.


Thanks. It there a command to directly update the color bar, i.e. can the callback be invoked from within the matlab code? Then anytime I changed the axes min/max, I would call that.
That's what the listener would do. It will sit in the background completely forgotten about and bored until the property its listening to changes ( 'PostSet' event). Then it will fire the callback.
The axes doesn't have a min and a max property so I am not sure what you mean by that.

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