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Can someone help me change the properties of this subplot?

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Sy on 7 Aug 2012
I used a loop to graph 192 subplots in a 8x24 grid.
I want to change the line color of data in a few subplots in the first row. How can this be done?
Basically, I am having trouble changing the properties of a subplot that has already been graphed...


Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 7 Aug 2012
Can you provide some simplified code showing your you generate your plots.
Sy on 7 Aug 2012
if true
% code
for i = 1:1:24;
A = subplot(8,24,i+24*0);plot(cycles,hpprofFAM_rowA(:,i)');
ax = get(A,'Position');
ax(3) = 0.025;
ax(4) = .09;
B = subplot(8,24,i+24*1);plot(cycles,hpprofFAM_rowB(:,i)');
ax = get(B,'Position');
ax(3) = 0.025;
ax(4) = .09;
and so on...

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Answers (2)

Seyhan Emre Gorucu
Seyhan Emre Gorucu on 7 Aug 2012
A hint for you: Change the properties you want graphically. Then, go to file->generate code. This way, you can have the code to have the plot you want and you can repeat the same code for the other plots without having to change one by one.


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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 7 Aug 2012
for ii = 3:-1:1
h(ii) = plot(rand(1,10)); %store iith line handle
%Change second line to red


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