Updating new value in a loop

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Jing Hua
Jing Hua on 7 Aug 2012
I have original x-cell and y_cell
for big_loop=1:100
after a series of operation
I have a new x_cell and y_cell
now I need to put x_cell and y_cell again in the loop, I thought it will update automatically, but some of them have been updated but some are not,dimension error, why there is a dimension error, for every time, x_cell and y_cell should be a new value.
I tried to remove the big loop, and it works with no problem, but only do it one, I need to do that for several times, until certain criterion is reached.
how should I do that?

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Muruganandham Subramanian
You can do it by padding the data of x_cell and y_cell values by zeros or ones(If you know precise data length of x_cell and y_cell ) initially.
e.g. x_cell=zeros(size(x_cell))
Jing Hua
Jing Hua on 7 Aug 2012
Still doesn't work. Anyway, thanks a lot

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