the Arduino UNO WiFi Rev 2

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Abudim Buomsaada
Abudim Buomsaada am 4 Apr. 2019
I just heard that there is an Arduino Board that has Wifi, it's the Arduino UNO WiFi Rev 2.
I'm trying to use the External Mode not over Serial but Wifi or TCP/IP(Wireless), i tried Bluetooth Mode, ESP3266 but with no success.
So i just want to know if the Arduino Simulink Support Package supports this Board with Wifi as External mode.
PS: i already read the explanation from Mathworks but they only say it's possible with the wifi Shield but the problem is that the Wifi Shield is retired and it's not possible to buy it anymore.
So i really need a solution for my problem
my reagards

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Madhu Govindarajan
Madhu Govindarajan am 4 Apr. 2019
As per this link, this board is not supported.
If you are looking to do Wi-Fi related stuff, starting R2017b MKR1000 board is supported.
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Madison Bates
Madison Bates am 17 Sep. 2020
Hi, I wrote a matlab code for an Arduino Uno and I purchased the Arduino Uno Wifi Rev2 for an easy swapping of the boards. My question is: has there been any change with MATLAB supporting the Arduino Uno Wifi Rev2? Will it be avaible in the R2021 version of MATLAB?
Kourosh Behzadian
Kourosh Behzadian am 11 Mai 2022
It seems that it's not supported!

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