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I've created a matlab project called 'GenericFunctions'. The code has been pushed to our on site VSTS instance.
Now, I have another project, called 'ILSOP' which wants to reference a function, in the 'GenericFunctions' toolbox / project.
My idea on how this would work.
  1. Add the 'GenericFunctions' project as a submodule of the ILSOP project
  2. Add the 'GenericFunctinos' submodule .prj file, as a declared dependancy of the ILSOP project.
  3. Run dependancy analysis, and all would be well.
In fact, this doesn't work - the function I want to reference, which is called w_cell, and is included in the 'GenericFunctions' toolbox, is proclaimed a missing dependancy, despite it being a reference of a project, which is a submodule of this one.
Any guidance here on how dependancy resolution in projects is supposed to work?
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Simon Parten
Simon Parten on 25 Mar 2019
Edited: Simon Parten on 25 Mar 2019
Note that I'm also struggling with the docs;
And the link at the bottom for the airframe project
does not appear to work on my installation of matlab 2019a.
Ah - looks like that project is a simulink project...

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