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transparent line plot markerfacealpha

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Lieke Numan
Lieke Numan on 21 Mar 2019
Answered: Abhishek Singh on 25 Mar 2019
I want to plot my data with a coloured background, which need to be seen through the points. Therefore I want to have transparent lines.
I use a code similarly to this:
y=[10 29 38 7 6 4 83 7 29 10]
I get this error:
Unrecognized property 'MarkerFaceAlpha' for class ''.
Unrecognized property 'MarkerEdgeAlpha' for class ''.
Does anyone know how to deal with this?

Answers (1)

Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh on 25 Mar 2019
It is because you’re trying to use the MarkerFaceAlpha property in Plot function, but this property is the part of scatter chart rather than plot function.
Just change the line
And this should not produce any error

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