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Changing the Filter Title created by fvtool

Asked by Craig Aarseth on 18 Mar 2019
Latest activity Answered by Abhishek Singh on 25 Mar 2019
b1 = firls(17, [0 0.1 0.25 1], [1 1 0 0]);
h3 = fvtool (b1);
h3.NormalizedFrequency = 'off';
h3.fs = 720; % Hz sample rate.
h3.CurrentAxes.XLim = [ 0 130 ]; %
h3.CurrentAxes.YLim = [-60 1 ]; % +1 to be able to see ripple
h3.Name = 'Test Least Square Implementation';
%The plot that is created has the vertical axis labeled "magnitude (dB)"". This is fine
% The plot that is created has a title of "Magnitude Response (dB)". I would like to replace that title with something less redundant with the y-axis text. In a normal figure I can change the title but that property is not availalble. If I click on the title I can see it is a 'primative' property. It's not obvious how to change it. Perhaps it's not changeable.
The h3.Name just sets the title of the tab, not the figure itself.
How can I change the figure title?


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1 Answer

Answer by Abhishek Singh on 25 Mar 2019

I tried the same code on my MATLAB. It seems to me that you can change the title of the figure with GUI, and not only title, you can change the Y-axis label and X-axis label too.
After the plot pops up there is an Edit option just beside the Fileoption. Click on Edit, then click on the first option Edit Plot, after doing this you can change the name of anything present in the figure by double clicking on it.
I’ve also attached the screenshot to do the same as I’ve changed the title and Y-axis to “Edited Text” and “Edited Text on Y axis” as you can see in the picture.
Screenshot (28).png


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