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Unable to install the support package for ADALM PLUTO

Asked by Vikas Jain on 16 Mar 2019
Latest activity Answered by Abhishek Singh on 26 Mar 2019
I recently installed MATLAB R2018b (home license) along with Communications System toolbox, DSP and Signal processing toolbox on my linux machine (Fedora core 23). I also got the support package file (adalmplutoradio.mlpkginstall file) for ADALM PLUTO from What is the procedure to install this package?
I have tried the following and it didn't help
(1) Launched Matlab and double-clicked the "adalmplutoradio.mlpkginstall file". It says the following even though I have the communications system toolbox installed.
Download and install: Communications System Toolbox Support Package for Analog Devices ADALM-Pluto Radio
Required base product: Communications System Toolbox
(2) I tried from "Add-Ons->Manage Add-Ons" and also "Add-Ons->Get Hardware Support Packages". Nothing happens i.e. there is no further pop-up window appears requesting for any further action
Will appreciate any help.


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1 Answer

Answer by Abhishek Singh on 26 Mar 2019

Looks like you’re using the operating system which is not supported in 2018b release.
This is the list of system requirements which are supported for 2018b release:
You can try the same on other system which is supported and if you still see the error let me know.


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