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How to get the Signal Names in the Bus Creator

Asked by krishnasutha on 1 Aug 2012
I am using MATLAB 2007a to get the Signal Names in a BusCreator within a library model. I tried uisng following script:
ph = get_param(gcb,'PortHandles');
lh = get_param(ph.Outport,'line');
set(lh,'signalPropagation','all'); % Even I tried with, set(lh,'signalPropagation','on');
SigNames = get_param(ph.Outport(1),'PropagatedSignals');
But SigNames turns out to be an empty string. In the model a symbol '<>' appears at the output line of the BusCreator. If i click on the symbol, all the output signals appear. Also the command,
SigNames = get_param(ph.Outport(1),'PropagatedSignals');
returns a comma separated string of signal names in the BusCreator.
Please help me to solve the above problem, so that I can get the signal names in the BusCreator without opening the library.

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I'm not sure that such information is possible to obtain from a library model. You might need to instantiate the block in a regular model. You can do this programmatically using add_block (you will need to load the library using load_system before using add_block).

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2 Answers

Answer by Albert Yam
on 1 Aug 2012

Do you mean the names of the signals going in/out of the Bus Creator?
lh = get_param(gcb,'LineHandles');
sigs_in = get_param(lh.Inport,'Name')
sigs_out = get_param(lh.Outport,'Name')
[note Simulink 6.6.1]

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When you say you get href = ""</a>, is this a Bus Selector? I only recall getting name when it is a selector and you can't change the name. Or.. is there a Bus Object associated with the Bus creator?

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Answer by krishnasutha on 2 Aug 2012

Thanks Albert. But
sigs_in = get_param(lh.Inport,'Name')
also returns empty cell. If i use
then, on each input signal line '<>' symbol appears. But will not return names. If I click on that symbol, names will appear for those lines. Still output is empty cell.


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