Input dialog boxes accepts binary bit sequence

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After entering a binary bit sequence in an input dialog box, I'm having issues when I try to convert it to a numeric value. When the str2num function is used, the leading zeros are erased. Below is my code:
prompt = {'Enter bit sequence (max 8 bits):'};
ititle = 'Input';
dims = [1 35];
temp1 = inputdlg(prompt,ititle,dims);
temp2 = str2num(temp1{1});
bit_sequence = str2num(num2str(temp2).');
If the input is 0110, the output is
I would like to know how to keep the leading zero.

Accepted Answer

Brian Hart
Brian Hart on 13 Mar 2019
Hi Lorrenzo,
MATLAB doesn't support binary representation. So when you run the above code, MATLAB thinks the value in temp2 is one-hundred-ten, not six.
To get the numerical value, try
>> temp2 = bin2dec(temp1{1});
Then to display the value as binary, try
>> disp(dec2bin(temp2,4))
where the "4" tells MATLAB how many bits to display.

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