(Undefined variable "Simulink" or class "Simulink.​data.dicti​onary.getO​penDiction​aryPaths") error on 2015b but not on 2016b, in the same machine

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I'm getting "Undefined variable "Simulink" or class "Simulink.data.dictionary.getOpenDictionaryPaths"" when using Matlab 2015b while, in the same machine, using 2016b this is executed successfuly.
I can still open Simulink and compile just fine, the issue is only on executing Simulink.data.dictionary commands.
I tried setting the path back to default settings, running as an admin and the error returned is always the same.
If you know what's causing this issue please let me know.
Kind Regards

Accepted Answer

Vijaya Lakshmi Chagi
Vijaya Lakshmi Chagi on 12 Mar 2019
Hi Celso,
The commands, "Simulink.data.dictionary.getOpenDictionaryPaths" was introduced in R2016b version of MATLAB. Hence the MATLAB is not able to recognize this command in R2015b version.
You can find the more information about the release date on this command in the following documentaion page(at the bottom of the page) : https://www.mathworks.com/help/simulink/slref/simulink.data.dictionary.getopendictionarypaths.html#bu4usx4-1_seealso
Hope the above information helps you.

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