How can I load a saved .mat to restore an app state? (or alternative!)

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I am writing an app for some data analysis, and for development reasons I want to be able to load a "saved state" whereby the app object restores to the version in a saved .mat file. My understanding is that it is possible to load a .mat and save fields from it (here, and here), however when I try this the uifigure objects do not become populated. Is there a way to restore an app in the way I have described? Or am I doing something fundamentally wrong?
I am using R2018b and App Designer.
Saving the .mat:
function SaveState(app)
name = inputdlg('Save name:');
Loading the .mat is referenced in startupFcn:
function app = LoadState(app)
name = uigetfile('*.mat');
opened = load(name);
openf = fields(opened);
for i = 1:numel(openf)
app.(openf{i}) ={i});
Jack Callaghan
Jack Callaghan on 24 May 2022
Hi Magnus.
No, I didn't solve it.
Instead, I created a 'save' function which wrote information to a custom delimited text file, which I can then open using a 'load' function which populates the app. I could link the 'load' function to the app startup but it is more conveient for me to open the app then choose which state to load.

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Vijaya Lakshmi Chagi
Vijaya Lakshmi Chagi on 13 Mar 2019
The following answer may help you


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