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Error in fmincon - getIpOptions not found

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Samuel Schiess
Samuel Schiess on 1 Mar 2019
Answered: Sina Kian on 14 Nov 2019
Good morning
I have retaken a code for an optimization of an image processing problem. I face now an error in the function "fmincon, line 811", as it says, that the function or variable "getIpOptions" is not defined.
I am using Matlab R2018a and the path to fmincon is correct (uses the same version).
The problem occurs in this part of the code:
opt = optimset('Display', 'off');
[bestT2,~,~,~,~,grad, H] = fmincon(f, bestT1, [], [], [], [], bestT1-[1.5 1.5 degtorad(15)], bestT1+[1.5 1.5 degtorad(15)], [], opt);
Thank you for some help on this problem


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Answers (2)

Stephan on 1 Mar 2019
options = optimoptions(@fmincon,'Display','off');
Best regards

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Samuel Schiess
Samuel Schiess on 26 Mar 2019
thanks a lot. At first, this does solve one problem (with optimset and optimoptions).
But the function getIpOptions from fmincon can still not be called, and raises the same error. It apparently has to be a problem of the Matlab version, as the code runs up til Matlab 2017a.
Thank you for some further help.

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Sina Kian
Sina Kian on 14 Nov 2019
Dear friends,
I have a code which I used in matlab 2014 and it was working properly. then I uninstal it and I instaldd 2019 now I have problem with the code. The error is :
Unrecognized function or variable 'getIpOptions'.
Error in fmincon (line 822)
options = getIpOptions(options,sizes.nVar,mEq,flags.constr,defaultopt,10,0.01);
Error in ex2 (line 25)
[RES,FVAL]=fmincon(err,X,[],[],[],[],[0 0 0 0 0],[1 1 100 10 5],[])
What should I do?
Best Regards


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