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Overlay video on white background at specific location

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Jessica Yorzinski
Jessica Yorzinski on 23 Feb 2019
Answered: Munish Raj on 26 Feb 2019
I would like to create a new video (2560 x 1440 px) that consists of a section of my current video (240 fps; 1280 x 720 px) on a white background. But, I want to put my current video at a certain spot within this new video (i.e., pixel location 100 x 100). Does anyone know how to do that?
I am currently using this script to extract the section of the video that I want:
vid1 = VideoReader(LeftVideo,'CurrentTime',TimeOffset_L);
for i=1:FramestoSave
img1 = readFrame(vid1);
step(videoPlayer, imgt);%play video
writeVideo(outputVideo, imgt); %record new video

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Munish Raj
Munish Raj on 26 Feb 2019
Hello Jessica,
This can be done using MATLAB's matrix indexing.
You can create a 2560 x 1440 image, followed by writing the required pixels with the new pixels
where newVideo is the frame of the overlayed video
This can be done in a for loop for every frame of both videos.
These individual frames can then be saved to a video.





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