How can I view multiple histograms on the same plot?

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John F
John F am 26 Jul. 2012
I have multiple histograms that have been plotted successfully.
Now, I want to go back and plot all of the histogram distributions on the same axes to compare them. I'm using the plot editor interface. I'll open up Histogram "A" and Histogram "B" in their own separate figures and then opent both of these figures in the plot editor GUI. I right click on the Histogram "B" data and copy it. Then I go to the Histogram "A" axes, right click and paste the data from Histogram "B".
Both distributions show up, but they don't line up correctly with the axes they are being plotted to.
I suppose I understand some of why this plotting is difficult to do, but can anyone help me achieve viewing two separate histograms on the same plot?
Thank you!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 26 Jul. 2012
Are the bin values (the values of the centers of the bins, or of the edges of the bins) the same for all histograms?

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