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How to reuse function and generate less files using HDL coder

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Alla am 18 Feb. 2019
Kommentiert: Alla am 9 Jul. 2019
I have a simulink design that is very repetetive and uses the same subsystems and blocks multiple times.
The HDL coder is generating a huge number of files, for instance I have multiple Image Filter blocks and the coder generates ,for each of them, a number of files for padding, data memory lines, line buffer.... the project becomes unweildy very quickly with over a 1000 files.
Is there a way to reuse functions and subsystems throughout the project?

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Sreejith Menon
Sreejith Menon am 20 Feb. 2019
Can you please mark the identical subsystems as "Atomic Subsystems" (Block Parameters > Treat as atomic unit)? That should trigger HDL Coder to share the files for the identical subsystems.
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Sreejith Menon
Sreejith Menon am 8 Jul. 2019
I tried your designs and there were some compilation issues. Can you get in touch with our customer support -
That will be much quicker to resolve these minor issues in the design. The support team will get in touch with us after that.
Alla am 9 Jul. 2019
It wokrs on my end but I'll see what I can do, thank you for the help

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