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Extracting specific portions of acceleromeetr signal

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MA-Winlab am 11 Feb. 2019
Kommentiert: KSSV am 13 Feb. 2019
Dear collouges
I have an acceleration signal with period of wiggling (resulted from motion) and periods of silent. I would like to extrcat the data points that show the motion and save them in a matrix or vector. Attached is a .mat file with data of the x-axis from my accelerometer.
I appreciate if you help me with this
Thank you

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KSSV am 12 Feb. 2019
load('accx.mat') ;
tol = 0.1 ; % can be varied
idx = abs(accx)>tol ;
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MA-Winlab am 12 Feb. 2019
Thank you, I also used this approach to identify the portions.Now I want to extrcat the data points of each portion and put it in a colomn of a matrix. i.e., I would lieke to create a matrix that has the data points of each identified portion as colomn. For example if I have 10 splikes (portions), then I want to store them (as data points) in 10 colomns in a matrix.
Your help is appreciated
KSSV am 13 Feb. 2019
iwant = accx(idx)

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