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Using 2018b javaclasspath.txt doesn't seem to get loaded during batch startup.

Asked by Anthony Whipple on 8 Feb 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Anthony Whipple on 5 Apr 2019
I am trying to run matlab 2018b in batch mode under windows using the task scheduler. The command options are:
-useStartupFolderPref -nosplash -minimize -r my_script_file
I have a javaclasspath.txt file in my startup folder. my_script_file works when matlab is launched by double clicking the icon. During the batch mode startup, the java class path does not include the contents of my javaclasspath.txt file - it does when matlab is started by double click.
Am I doing something wrong?


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Answer by Andrew Stamps on 4 Apr 2019
 Accepted Answer

Have you attempted putting your javaclasspath.txt file in your preferences directory instead of your startup directory? The preferences directory can be found by executing the following command:

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Thanks! I am pretty sure that it used to work in the startup directory, but this does the trick.

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Answer by Yair Altman on 11 Feb 2019

I'm not sure why your javaclasspath.txt file doesn't load in batch mode. As workaround, you can programmatically load the necessary Java classes into the static Java classpath inside your script file, as described in


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