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I need help about my arduino LED project

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Abdulrahman Almehmmadi
Abdulrahman Almehmmadi am 7 Feb. 2019
hi guys
Im facing a problem with my scops in matlab simulink .
when i run the blocks the lights turn on normally
but if i install more than one block the scops does not show any result .
otherwise if its one block the scope opreat normally12E55CA2-359B-4D91-8217-28DACD5357D3.jpeg
i need your help guys dont let me down .

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Madhu Govindarajan
Madhu Govindarajan am 7 Feb. 2019
There is a warning/error on MATLAB - that MATLAB experienced a low-level ...
I suspect that has something to do with the Scopes more so than the model itself. unless you are sampling at like a very high rate.

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