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Is a third-party compiler needed to run a MATLAB Compiler standalone executable that uses loadlibrary function

Asked by Seth Kenner on 23 Jul 2012
The loadlibrary function requires a third-party compiler to be installed. Would a MATLAB Compiler standalone executable that uses the loadlibrary function work on a computer without a supported third-party compiler?


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1 Answer

Answer by Kaustubha Govind on 23 Jul 2012


Ah, I thought of that past discussion, but when I glanced at the documentation for loadfile(), it tends to imply that a compiler and perl would be required for all cases.
Walter: Are you referring to the function reference page for LOADLIBRARY? If so, the perl/compiler requirement is mentioned only against the LOADLIBRARY syntax that specifies a header file, not for the one that specifies a prototype file. Furthermore, the MATLAB Compiler+LOADLIBRARY usage is explained at some length in the documentation here.

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