Find the changed area between two images

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Tala Hed
Tala Hed on 31 Jan 2019
Commented: Tala Hed on 31 Jan 2019
I have 3 photos taken from a sample. The first one is prior to a test and the second and third ones are taken after the test. I am intersted in finding the changed area in the painting after each test. IN other words between image number1and 2 and image number 1and3.
Image number 2 has slighty changed but image number 3 has considerably changed.
here are the photos.
Thank you

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Balakrishnan Rajan
Balakrishnan Rajan on 31 Jan 2019
Depends on your definition of area of the painting. Is every point with colour anything but absolute white considered as a part of the painting? Assuming that anything brighter than the mid level of gray to be an unpainted region, the following code must be able to get the area of a painting:
Im = imread('File location');
ImBW = Im(:,:,2);
threshold = 127;
area = 0;
for i = 1 : length(ImBW(:,1))
for j = 1 : length(ImBW(1,:))
area = area+1;
Use this to compute the areas of the different images and take difference accordingly.
Hope it helps.
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Tala Hed
Tala Hed on 31 Jan 2019
I appreciate your help, but its not what I am looking for! maybe I was not clear :)
There should be comparision between the original image and the other two to detect the change between them!

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