Adding a machine learning algorithm

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Ahmad Almashhadani
Ahmad Almashhadani am 26 Jan. 2019
I want to build machine learning model using classification learner. Please, can I use new algorithms other than predefined algorithms in Matlab such as Random forest and Bayes Net? how can I add these algorithms or should I write a code to add them?
Thank you for your help

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Bernhard Suhm
Bernhard Suhm am 28 Jan. 2019
The Learner Apps are targeted at casual users, empowering them to train classification and regression models without writing code using one of many well established algorithms. There is (currently) no way to access other algorithms that you may write yourself in MATLAB or via the external C or Python interface. The assumption is that if you are advanced enough to know about new algorithms or even write your own, you can do so in the programmatic interface. Or what's your use case?


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