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Best Neural Network for Multivariate Regression

Asked by Federico on 16 Jan 2019
Latest activity Answered by Greg Heath
on 16 Jan 2019
Dear all,
I have a series of input environmental variables (such as time of day, temperature, etcetera) that I would like to use to predict a single target variable. I am not sure if said variables contribute linearly to the target variable and therefore I would like to employ a neural network instead than a standard multivariate linear regression model (e.g.: mvregress), but I am lost in the panoply of options of the neural network toolbox in terms of networks, layers, etcetera.
What would be the best options to try?
Thanks and Best Regards


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1 Answer

Answer by Greg Heath
on 16 Jan 2019
 Accepted Answer

Accept all parameter settings.
Train 10 models with different random initial weights
If unsuccessful. Repeat with a range of values for number of hidden nodes.
I have posted ZILLIONS of examples in BOTH comp.soft-sys.matlab and answers.
Hope this helps.
Thank you for formally accepting my advice


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