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plots giving wrong out output

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Moslem Uddin
Moslem Uddin am 9 Jan. 2019
Kommentiert: Moslem Uddin am 9 Jan. 2019
I have two functions to plot(attached figure). I want to plot them and plot given by matlab seems not to be valid. Two functions will be equal at . two Funtions are, }
and the code is attached. #TIAbbbb.PNG
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Adam am 9 Jan. 2019
You don't seem to have code for u1 there?
Moslem Uddin
Moslem Uddin am 9 Jan. 2019
Bearbeitet: Moslem Uddin am 9 Jan. 2019
i added the code and little correction in the . both and will be equal at

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Torsten am 9 Jan. 2019
In your code, replace

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